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Bestway Pro-can Trucking Services Ltd. works hard to provide a Healthy and Safe work environment for our employees.

  • We will make every effort to eliminate the possibility of injury and illness when working at our facilities and at our customers facilities.

    We relentlessly pursue policies and practices to ensure the safety of our communities, customers, contractors, partners and employees.

    We take a proactive approach to identifying and preventing safety issues and take immediate action when a safety issue is identified.

    We continually seek ways to improve our safety performance.

    We have formal programs to enhance our safety performance and have audited results for:

  • > Air Cargo Security Program
  • > Alcohol / Drug Policy
  • > Occupational Health and Safety
  • > Workers Compensation

Bestway Pro-Can Trucking is committed to safety in the workplace.

  • Management and The Occupational Health and Safety Committee promote and support compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety regulations under which we are governed.

    Bestway Pro-Can trucking ensures that drivers are trained and refresher courses given regularly in WHMIS, TDGS, Cargo Securement, Hours of Service Logbooks, First Aid/CPR and Forklift Certification.

    Employees are rewarded with various safety incentives throughout the year.

    Bestway Pro-Can Trucking is a member of the Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association and The Air Cargo Security Program.

    Bestway Pro-Can Trucking undertakes regular reviews and evaluations to ensure the Safety Programs are up to date and compliant.

    Please email us if you require any of the following safety documents for your records.

  • > NS Commercial Carrier Safety Certificate
  • > Workers Compensation Board Certificate
  • > Insurance Letter

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